Test results for Scrutiny committee reports and minutes - find them

Here is the table of test results for this task. The score on each row is out of a possible total of 20, and the importance column is a rating of 1-5 according to how important testers considered being able to complete this task was.

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CouncilNavigationA-ZGoogleSite searchScoreTestsImportance
Birmingham City CouncilEasyEasyEasy123
Birmingham City CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy-33
Bracknell Forest CouncilEasyDifficultDifficult63
Bradford CouncilDifficultEasyVery easy103
Cheshire East CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy203
City of Edinburgh CouncilGave upVery easyVery easy123
Copeland Borough CouncilVery easyDifficultGave up-53
Coventry City CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy153
Coventry City CouncilVery easyEasyEasy123
Dorset County CouncilEasyEasyEasy123
Great Yarmouth Borough CouncilGave upGave upGave up-43
Harrow CouncilVery easyVery easyEasy43
Harrow CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy113
Kent County CouncilEasyGave upEasy60
Leeds City CouncilGave upVery easyVery easy83
Liverpool City CouncilGave upDifficultDifficult43
Liverpool City CouncilVery easyVery easyEasy183
Manchester City CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy153
Newcastle City CouncilEasyVery easyEasy140
Plymouth City CouncilVery easyEasyEasy93
Solihull Metropolitan Borough CouncilGave upVery easyEasy80
Wandsworth CouncilEasyDifficultDifficult83
Welwyn Hatfield Borough CouncilEasyVery easyEasy140
Wycombe District CouncilGave upGave upGave up-125

Specific comments made about this task

Birmingham City Council - 2016-07-18
I found what appeared to be pages for the various scrutiny committee meetings, which had agendas on them, but I couldn't see clear documents containing minutes and reports

Bracknell Forest Council - 2014-03-05
Are scutiny committee reports different to whats on the 'reports and responses' page?

Bradford Council - 2014-03-24
Someone less familiar with the site may have found this process more difficult. It was easy to find out about the committees themselves, but navigating to the reports was less logical. The Council Minutes page is not intuitive.

Copeland Borough Council - 2014-02-12
Finding a list of committees was easy. Finding any documents about what they've actually been doing and deciding, on the other hand... Google search found one, possibly the most recent, but there was no way beyond that to find specific reports.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council - 2014-09-04
error page on google cannot display page

Kent County Council - 2014-02-10
Google search led to webcasts - interesting, but not the written report. The names of committees have changed which made it challenging to find up to date documents. There's a gap after early 2012. A to Z under committees, a few more clicks after that. Took a punt that "Your council" would lead to committee reports. KCC has select committees which could confuse some people. That said, if anyone is reading these reports then they have a very sad life.

Leeds City Council - 2013-12-13
Finding information about any committee other than full council and the committee called Executive Committee was difficult navigating from the home page.

Liverpool City Council - 2015-01-15
Easy to find this information.

Newcastle City Council - 2015-02-04
it would have been very easy to find them if it had not involved being taken to a part of the site that was branded differently and had a long list of links that were difficult to read.

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council - 2014-04-09
I work in local gov and I have no idea what the scrutiny committee does so I doubt that many of the public have any idea either. But, I found the health scrutiny committee ok. Autofill internal search - my search term wasn't the "right" one. No search box on committee pages. Could not find in A to Z. All round a very clean and well organised looking site.

Wycombe District Council - 2014-02-27
Internal search delivered broken links External search only listed PDFs