Test results for Parking - find out how much it costs

Here is the table of test results for this task. The score on each row is out of a possible total of 20, and the importance column is a rating of 1-5 according to how important testers considered being able to complete this task was.

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CouncilNavigationA-ZGoogleSite searchScoreTestsImportance
Birmingham City CouncilDifficultDifficultDifficult43
Birmingham City CouncilEasyEasyEasy123
Birmingham City CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy203
Birmingham City CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy13
Borough of PooleEasyEasyVery easy143
Bracknell Forest CouncilEasyEasyGave up83
Bracknell Forest CouncilVery easyEasyEasy71
Brent CouncilEasyEasyEasy123
Brent CouncilEasyVery easyEasy90
Brent CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy153
Brent CouncilEasyDifficultEasy105
Carlisle City CouncilDifficultDifficultGave up-45
Cheshire East CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy203
City of LondonDifficultEasyEasy103
Corby Borough CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy133
Coventry City CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy153
Coventry City CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy203
East Riding of Yorkshire CouncilGave upVery easyVery easy-63
Gravesham Borough CouncilVery easyVery easyDifficult163
Great Yarmouth Borough Council
Great Yarmouth Borough CouncilVery easyEasyVery easy103
Haringey CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy150
Harrow CouncilVery easyVery easyGave up-23
Harrow CouncilVery easyGave upGave up-53
Leeds City CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy203
Leicester City CouncilEasyVery easyVery easy83
Leicester City CouncilVery easyEasyVery easy83
Liverpool City CouncilDifficultDifficultDifficult45
Liverpool City CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy203
Manchester City CouncilVery easyEasyEasy113
Pendle CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy183
Plymouth City CouncilVery easyEasyEasy93
Royal Borough of GreenwichEasyVery easyVery easy163
Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaVery easyVery easyGave up-63
Scottish Borders CouncilGave upGave upGave up-125
Sheffield City CouncilDifficultDifficultDifficult45
South Oxfordshire District CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy203
Stockport Metropolitan Borough CouncilVery easyVery easyDifficult13
Wandsworth CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy13
Wychavon District CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy133
Wycombe District CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy103

Specific comments made about this task

Birmingham City Council - 2013-12-02
Parking charges are in attachments - they should be as web pages

Birmingham City Council - 2014-02-05
This was very easy to find because of the structure of the website. The 'Parking' section was just on the left of the webpage so it was very visible and easy to spot. The A-Z index was useful because you just had to look under 'P' for 'Parking'. It was the same with the Internal and Google search because the most relevant options were right at the top.

Birmingham City Council - 2016-07-18
Had to open a .pdf to get the parking charges

Bracknell Forest Council - 2014-03-18
Would be helpful for page to be presented consistently using tables

Bracknell Forest Council - 2014-12-09
When searched, pages about parking at The Look Out and Coral Reef appear before parking in town centre. With local knowledge, this is fine, but may confuse visitors.

Brent Council - 2014-05-21
Final information was in a PDF rather than html - could be confusing? Less user firendly than a wen page

Brent Council - 2014-08-17
Brent council web page for parking fee was pretty coy bout showing Parking fee in simple format, there were some complicated fee table with confusing fee quote/stated. But there was resident parking fee quotes available on typing in post code, but this was burried under navigation tabs/clicks.

Carlisle City Council - 2014-02-11
Searches for Car parking Charges lead to a page "How to find Talkin Tarn" Very difficult to find costs of parking.

Coventry City Council - 2014-02-06
This was a very easy task to complete and I'm sure that it'll be good for other users too. It was really well organised and the headings were correct. Overall, a very helpful and well structured council website

Gravesham Borough Council - 2014-10-23
When you type a search term into the internal search box, the results always give a long list of irrelavent and unuseful information including links to policies. The search box hasn't provided a good result to any enquiry I have made.

Haringey Council - 2013-12-20
Prominent link on homepage to buy parking permits, not so immediately clear where info for car parks or on-street metered spaces is - breadcrumbs from parking permits page, homepage A-Z, and Google all get to overview page easily. From parking overview page, finding details for a particular location is a bit fiddly - presenting this on a map (and not the 4MB PDF download that's there now) would make it far more usable.

Harrow Council - 2013-12-17
Couldn't find any information about on-street parking.

Leicester City Council - 2014-02-05
A-Z - 'Pay and display parking' is in the A to Z. 'Parking - pay and display' would make this easier to find as it would then be with the other parking entires. Alternatively 'parking charges' could be added to the A to Z.

Leicester City Council - 2014-02-05
With Google search, had to look in left-hand menu for correct link. With internal search, the first link returned was the correct link.

Liverpool City Council - 2013-12-17
Car parks easy, but couldn't find on-street parking costs.

Liverpool City Council - 2015-01-15
Content is easy to find, but you have to click into each car park name for fees and car park address.

Pendle Council - 2020-08-18
Props to the council for making parking free, to be fair.

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea - 2016-07-20
None of my search queries (parking fees, parking charges, parking costs, parking prices) turned up any information. Unbelievably, I couldn't find information about the locations of car parks of the costs of parking via navigation either.

Scottish Borders Council - 2014-03-04
Presumably there are standard prices for charged on-street and pay and display? I couldn't find them by navigation. The roll-over menu in the header area was *incredibly* annoying.

Sheffield City Council - 2014-06-18
Reaching the parking page is easy but if you click on a car park on the map it might take you to an external site where it is more difficult to find the tariff. It's easier to find the tariff if you click on a SCC car park.

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council - 2015-02-11
getting the correct phrase was important then I eventually was able to download a list of charges.

Wychavon District Council - 2017-07-20
You have to scroll down the parking page (past a big picture of some cars parked in a car park) before you get to a link to a page containing a list of areas where there are car parks.