Test results for Council news - find it

Here is the table of test results for this task. The score on each row is out of a possible total of 20, and the importance column is a rating of 1-5 according to how important testers considered being able to complete this task was.

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CouncilNavigationA-ZGoogleSite searchScoreTestsImportance
Barnet CouncilGave upVery easyVery easy120
Barnsley Metropolitan Borough CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy200
Birmingham City CouncilGave upVery easyVery easy123
Birmingham City CouncilGave upVery easyVery easy103
Birmingham City CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy53
Birmingham City CouncilVery easyEasyEasy113
Bracknell Forest CouncilEasyEasyEasy141
Bracknell Forest CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy203
Bradford CouncilEasyVery easyDifficult53
Camden CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy203
Carlisle City CouncilEasyVery easyVery easy183
Carlisle City CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy201
Cheshire East CouncilVery easyDifficultGave up83
Corby Borough CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy153
Coventry City CouncilGave upVery easyVery easy123
Coventry City CouncilEasyEasyVery easy163
Derbyshire County CouncilVery easyVery easyDifficult63
Enfield CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy83
Essex County CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy23
Gravesham Borough CouncilDifficultVery easyVery easy163
Great Yarmouth Borough CouncilGave upVery easyVery easy123
Great Yarmouth Borough CouncilGave upEasyDifficult43
Guildford Borough CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy153
Harrow Council
Lambeth CouncilGave upGave upGave up-80
Lichfield District CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy203
Liverpool City Council
London Borough of LewishamDifficultEasyEasy83
Manchester City CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy113
Mansfield District CouncilDifficultGave upVery easy-13
Newcastle City CouncilGave upVery easyDifficult83
North Somerset CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy13
Northampton Borough CouncilVery easyEasyVery easy130
Northumberland County CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy203
Nottingham City CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy53
Nottinghamshire County CouncilDifficultVery easyGave up83
Oxfordshire County CouncilVery easyVery easyDifficult163
Pendle CouncilEasyDifficultGave up23
Plymouth City CouncilVery easyEasyEasy163
Plymouth City CouncilVery easyVery easyEasy133
Plymouth City CouncilVery easyEasyVery easy133
Ribble Valley Borough CouncilVery easyVery easyEasy185
Royal Borough of GreenwichGave upVery easyVery easy123
Royal Borough of GreenwichGave upVery easyVery easy43
Scottish Borders CouncilGave upVery easyEasy103
Vale of White Horse District CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy33
Wandsworth CouncilVery easyVery easyVery easy55
West Berkshire CouncilVery easyVery easyEasy133
West Sussex County CouncilEasyEasyVery easy163

Specific comments made about this task

Birmingham City Council - 2014-02-06
The navigation was easy because you would think to look in the 'Council and Democracy' box first. Then you would go onto the link on the left-hand side box saying 'News and Publications' and clicking on this led to a hyperlink directing you to the news page of Birmingham City Council. The A-Z was unhelpful so to improve, there could have been a heading saying 'News' in the 'N' section or 'Council News' in the 'C' section. The internal and Google search were the simplest and easiest to use in order of relevance.

Birmingham City Council - 2017-01-11
The latest news on https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/news seemed to be from a week ago.

Bracknell Forest Council - 2014-03-18
Pages with the word "news" appearing in google results.

Bradford Council - 2014-04-11
From menue found a What's New section, and press releases, but not clear if this is council news. Searching for 'news', found several search results, but some misleading. Page called "News" is Bradford District Partnership, not Bradford Council.

Camden Council - 2014-02-13
Straight on the home page, so easy to see current news items. Archives items are a little harder to find.

Coventry City Council - 2014-02-04
The website is really easy to navigate. Searching for this task was easy and was relevant because it came up with what my query was. The latest news was found just on the home page. Council News was in the A-Z section and it was all inalphabetical order so was quite easy to find. You just had to scroll to the bottom.

Derbyshire County Council - 2014-02-11
When using internal search, recommended pages/links took me to different service areas; would be good to have a link to the news room page coming up in the recommended section.

Enfield Council - 2014-12-12
tried 5 halls quick link to web address and none had found pages

Gravesham Borough Council - 2014-10-24
I found most things very easy apart from the a-z. i pressed end thinking it would come up with news however it didnt. However news is at the top of the page so wouldnt really need to be on the a-z service search.

Lambeth Council - 2014-06-07
They weren't anywhere in the navigation as such. I had to guess that if I clicked one of the 3 stories on the front page, that would take me to the news section - and it worked! But I wasn't completely convinced I was in the right place, because the page was called "Love Lambeth" and there was no mention of news. Would be great to have "News from Lambeth / Lambeth council" (even if just a sub-head) so I'd be sure I was in the right place. Searching in google took me to a page that I don't think is an official lambeth council news site.

Manchester City Council - 2013-12-17
Right at the bottom of a very long home page.

North Somerset Council - 2014-03-17
Home page cluttered. Sign posting very unclear. Dreadful colour palette. The carousel looked like news but there was no link nearby to take me to the news area

Northumberland County Council - 2020-04-16
Very straight forward, the latest news is on the home page of the NCC website.

Nottingham City Council - 2014-12-17
Link on homepage. Easily visible.

Nottinghamshire County Council - 2013-12-04
Internal search on 'news' only brings up 'latest bus news' as a result, no sign of corporate news and media section. 'News' not listed in the A-Z.

Pendle Council - 2020-08-18
Why does the home page link to the news room take me to a page with one sentence telling me to visit the news room? And oh my eyes when I get to the news room site - it's like Blogspot.

Scottish Borders Council - 2014-03-04
On the home page as expected. Surprised it didn't have an A-Z entry, though. For internal search I was considering marking it difficult on account of how far down the results it was

Vale of White Horse District Council - 2015-08-25
News page was found right a the bottom of the main page

West Berkshire Council - 2014-02-06
A-Z Needs to be on the front page.