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Please rate how easy you found it to complete the task listed below via the routes of navigating from the home page, looking in the A-Z index, doing a Google search, and searching using the site's own search box. Please only run this test if you understand the meaning of the task you're being invited to complete.

If it's a test which involves completing a form, please only fill in the form if you've got a genuine report or application to make, otherwise rate the task as to how easy it was to find the form to fill in - please don't send test data to councils! See the results for this council?

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Wakefield Council's website can be found at

(Navigating from the home page of the site)
(Navigating through the A-Z index if there is one from the home page)

(What did you type into Google?)

(How easy did you find the page to read to get the information you needed?)

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