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TaskNavigationA-ZGoogleSite searchReadabilityScoreTestsImportance
Address - change mine on council systemsUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Adult education courses - find informationUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Antisocial behaviour - complain about itUntestedVery easyVery easyEasy1043
Blue badge - apply for oneUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Broken street lights - reportUntestedEasyEasyEasy943
Bulky waste or other special waste collection - bookUntestedEasyEasyEasy943
Complain about something the council has doneUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Council housing - apply for itUntestedEasyEasyEasy843
Council meeting - read the last full council minutesUntestedEasyEasyEasy943
Council news - find itVery easyEasyEasyEasy9133
Council tax - pay itUntestedVery easyVery easyEasy1043
Council tax / housing benefit - applyUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Council tip - find a nearby oneUntestedEasyDifficultEasy743
Councillors - find who mine areUntestedVery easyVery easyEasy1043
Cycling strategy - find itUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Death - register oneUntestedEasyEasyEasy943
Economic condition and strategy for the area - find itUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Elections - find out when the next ones areUntestedEasyEasyEasy843
Employment help for people with disabilities - find information onUntestedGave upDifficultUntested233
Events - find council onesUntestedVery easyEasyUntested633
Flood protection - find informationUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Food hygiene problem - report oneUntestedEasyEasyUntested833
Freedom of Information Act request - make oneUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Housing repair - request oneUntestedVery easyDifficultEasy883
Jobs - find a council jobUntestedVery easyVery easyEasy1043
Leisure centres close to me - find oneUntestedEasyEasyEasy943
Leisure discount card - apply for oneUntestedEasyGave upEasy543
Library book - renewUntestedDifficultEasyEasy743
Local history - find out aboutUntestedEasyEasyEasy943
Local library opening hours - find themUntestedVery easyVery easyEasy1043
Local services and information on a map - look atUntestedDifficultDifficultUntested333
Market stall trading - find information aboutUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Meals on Wheels - find informationUntestedEasyDifficultEasy643
Missed bin collection - complain about oneUntestedEasyEasyEasy943
Noise nuisance - complain about itUntestedVery easyEasyEasy843
Open Data - find someUntestedEasyEasyEasy843
Parking - find out how much it costsUntestedEasyEasyUntested833
Parking fine - pay oneUntestedEasyEasyUntested833
Petitions - create oneUntestedDifficultDifficultUntested433
Planning application - comment on one
Planning committee meeting - find when the next one isUntestedEasyDifficultUntested533
Planning or building control violation - report oneUntestedDifficultDifficultUntested433
Planning permission - apply for itUntestedVery easyEasyUntested933
Population and census information - find itUntestedEasyEasyUntested633
Pothole - report oneUntestedEasyEasyUntested833
Public toilets - find themUntestedEasyEasyUntested733
Read the council's greenhouse gas emissions report for the previous yearUntestedDifficultGave upUntested233
Regulation of children on stage, film, and television - find informationUntestedDifficultGave upUntested233
School places - apply for oneUntestedVery easyDifficultUntested733
School term dates - find themUntestedVery easyVery easyUntested1033
Scrutiny committee reports and minutes - find themUntestedEasyEasyUntested833
Senior staff and politicians in the council - find their namesUntestedEasyEasyUntested833
Small business support - find informationUntestedEasyDifficultUntested733
Social media accounts - find themUntestedEasyEasyUntested933
Stopping smoking services - find informationUntestedDifficultDifficultUntested433
Supplying the council - find out howUntestedEasyDifficultUntested533
Sustainability and climate change - find information onUntestedEasyDifficultUntested733
Taxi driver - complain about oneUntestedVery easyVery easyUntested833
Taxi licence - apply for oneUntestedEasyEasyEasy873
Telephone number - find the main oneUntestedVery easyVery easyUntested833
Trading Standards - complain about a dodgy item from a shopUntestedVery easyEasyUntested733
Travellers - find information about themUntestedVery easyEasyUntested733
Tree preservation order - apply for oneUntestedEasyEasyUntested733
Unitary Development Plan / Local Development Plan - find itUntestedDifficultEasyUntested533
Voting - register toUntestedVery easyVery easyEasy1043
Vulnerable adult - express concern about oneUntestedVery easyVery easyEasy1043
Vulnerable child - express concern about oneUntestedEasyEasyEasy843
Watch a webcast of a recent council or committee meetingUntestedEasyEasyEasy843
Welfare reform - find information aboutUntestedEasyDifficultUntested533
Youth clubs in the area - find informationUntestedEasyEasyEasy843
TotalsNavigationA-ZGoogleSite searchReadabilityScoreTests 
Total scores438105474983041796  
Number of tests731737341 261 
Usability Index (total score ÷ number of tests)6107777  

About the scores

Each task can be tested according to five different criteria - navigation from the home page, navigation using the A-Z directory (where present), searching on Google, searching using the site's internal search, and the readability of the page. Scores are assigned according to 10 = Very easy, 8 = Easy, 4 = Difficult, and 1 = Gave up. As more users complete any given test, the score for each aspect of each task becomes a mean average of all the individual testers scores, and thus the more tests are completed the more reliable an indication of the usability of the website can be seen. The total scores in the table are thus the sum of the averaged scores for the whole suite of tasks which have been tested.

The Usability Index is the sum of the scores of all the tests which have been carried out, divided by the number of tests which have been taken for this council, resulting in an index score between 1 and 10, with 6 being the score which a nominallly usable website with room for improvement might be expected to achieve. If any criteria have had fewer than 15 tests, or the site as a whole has had fewer than 50 individually tested items, the final Index scores are shown in a grey background to indicate insufficient testing for the result to be a reliable indicator.

The Importance column shows the mean average of how important all the testers considered the ability to complete this task to be, ranging from 0 = Unimportant to 5 = Very important.

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