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TaskNavigationA-ZGoogleSite searchReadabilityScoreTestsImportance
Address - change mine on council systemsUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Adult education courses - find informationUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Antisocial behaviour - complain about itUntestedVery easyVery easyEasy1043
Blue badge - apply for oneUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Broken street lights - reportUntestedEasyEasyEasy943
Bulky waste or other special waste collection - bookUntestedEasyEasyEasy943
Complain about something the council has doneUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Council housing - apply for itUntestedEasyEasyEasy843
Council meeting - read the last full council minutesUntestedEasyEasyEasy943
Council news - find itUntestedVery easyVery easyEasy983
Council tax - pay itUntestedVery easyVery easyEasy1043
Council tax / housing benefit - applyUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Council tip - find a nearby oneUntestedEasyDifficultEasy743
Councillors - find who mine areUntestedVery easyVery easyEasy1043
Cycling strategy - find itUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Death - register oneUntestedEasyEasyEasy943
Economic condition and strategy for the area - find itUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Elections - find out when the next ones areUntestedEasyEasyEasy843
Employment help for people with disabilities - find information onUntestedGave upDifficultUntested233
Events - find council onesUntestedVery easyEasyUntested633
Flood protection - find informationUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Food hygiene problem - report oneUntestedEasyEasyUntested833
Freedom of Information Act request - make oneUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Housing repair - request oneUntestedVery easyDifficultEasy883
Jobs - find a council jobUntestedVery easyVery easyEasy1043
Leisure centres close to me - find oneUntestedEasyEasyEasy943
Leisure discount card - apply for oneUntestedEasyGave upEasy543
Library book - renewUntestedDifficultEasyEasy743
Local history - find out aboutUntestedEasyEasyEasy943
Local library opening hours - find themUntestedVery easyVery easyEasy1043
Local services and information on a map - look atUntestedDifficultDifficultUntested333
Market stall trading - find information aboutUntestedEasyEasyEasy743
Meals on Wheels - find informationUntestedEasyDifficultEasy643
Missed bin collection - complain about oneUntestedEasyEasyEasy943
Noise nuisance - complain about itUntestedVery easyEasyEasy843
Open Data - find someUntestedEasyEasyEasy843
Parking - find out how much it costsUntestedEasyEasyUntested833
Parking fine - pay oneUntestedEasyEasyUntested833
Petitions - create oneUntestedDifficultDifficultUntested433
Planning application - comment on one
Planning committee meeting - find when the next one isUntestedEasyDifficultUntested533
Planning or building control violation - report oneUntestedDifficultDifficultUntested433
Planning permission - apply for itUntestedVery easyEasyUntested933
Population and census information - find itUntestedEasyEasyUntested633
Pothole - report oneUntestedEasyEasyUntested833
Public toilets - find themUntestedEasyEasyUntested733
Read the council's greenhouse gas emissions report for the previous yearUntestedDifficultGave upUntested233
Regulation of children on stage, film, and television - find informationUntestedDifficultGave upUntested233
School places - apply for oneUntestedVery easyDifficultUntested733
School term dates - find themUntestedVery easyVery easyUntested1033
Scrutiny committee reports and minutes - find themUntestedEasyEasyUntested833
Senior staff and politicians in the council - find their namesUntestedEasyEasyUntested833
Small business support - find informationUntestedEasyDifficultUntested733
Social media accounts - find themUntestedEasyEasyUntested933
Stopping smoking services - find informationUntestedDifficultDifficultUntested433
Supplying the council - find out howUntestedEasyDifficultUntested533
Sustainability and climate change - find information onUntestedEasyDifficultUntested733
Taxi driver - complain about oneUntestedVery easyVery easyUntested833
Taxi licence - apply for oneUntestedEasyEasyEasy873
Telephone number - find the main oneUntestedVery easyVery easyUntested833
Trading Standards - complain about a dodgy item from a shopUntestedVery easyEasyUntested733
Travellers - find information about themUntestedVery easyEasyUntested733
Tree preservation order - apply for oneUntestedEasyEasyUntested733
Unitary Development Plan / Local Development Plan - find itUntestedDifficultEasyUntested533
Voting - register toUntestedVery easyVery easyEasy1043
Vulnerable adult - express concern about oneUntestedVery easyVery easyEasy1043
Vulnerable child - express concern about oneUntestedEasyEasyEasy843
Watch a webcast of a recent council or committee meetingUntestedEasyEasyEasy843
Welfare reform - find information aboutUntestedEasyDifficultUntested533
Youth clubs in the area - find informationUntestedEasyEasyEasy843
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Number of tests720727241 257