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TaskNavigationA-ZGoogleSite searchReadabilityScoreTestsImportance
Address - change mine on council systemsGave upEasyGave upUntested393
Adult education courses - find informationUntestedVery easyVery easyVery easy1082
Antisocial behaviour - complain about itUntestedEasyGave upEasy643
Blue badge - apply for oneUntestedVery easyVery easyEasy940
Broken street lights - report
Bulky waste or other special waste collection - book
Complain about something the council has doneDifficultDifficultGave upDifficult453
Council housing - apply for itUntestedVery easyGave upEasy745
Council meeting - read the last full council minutesGave upVery easyDifficultVery easy683
Council news - find it
Council tax - pay itVery easyVery easyVery easyVery easy1095
Council tax / housing benefit - apply
Council tip - find a nearby oneUntestedVery easyGave upEasy745
Councillors - find who mine areDifficultVery easyDifficultEasy653
Cycling strategy - find itGave upGave upUntestedUntested133
Death - register oneUntestedVery easyVery easyEasy941
Economic condition and strategy for the area - find itUntestedUntestedDifficultUntested723
Elections - find out when the next ones areGave upDifficultDifficultVery easy693
Employment help for people with disabilities - find information onDifficultDifficultGave upVery easy5104
Events - find council onesUntestedVery easyUntestedEasy933
Flood protection - find information
Food hygiene problem - report oneUntestedDifficultVery easyVery easy763
Freedom of Information Act request - make one
Housing repair - request oneGave upEasyGave upVery easy593
Jobs - find a council job
Leisure centres close to me - find one
Leisure discount card - apply for one
Library book - renewEasyVery easyVery easyVery easy9123
Local history - find out about
Local library opening hours - find them
Local services and information on a map - look at
Market stall trading - find information aboutUntestedEasyDifficultDifficult673
Meals on Wheels - find information
Missed bin collection - complain about oneUntestedVery easyVery easyEasy984
Noise nuisance - complain about itEasyVery easyEasyVery easy8183
Open Data - find some
Parking - find out how much it costsEasyEasyEasyEasy8173
Parking fine - pay oneEasyVery easyEasyEasy953
Petitions - create one
Planning application - comment on one
Planning committee meeting - find when the next one isGave upVery easyVery easyEasy855
Planning or building control violation - report one
Planning permission - apply for itVery easyVery easyVery easyVery easy1053
Population and census information - find itUntestedVery easyDifficultUntested633
Pothole - report oneDifficultDifficultGave upEasy6153
Public toilets - find themVery easyEasyDifficultEasy8153
Read the council's greenhouse gas emissions report for the previous yearUntestedGave upGave upUntested133
Regulation of children on stage, film, and television - find information
School places - apply for one
School term dates - find themUntestedVery easyUntestedUntested1023
Scrutiny committee reports and minutes - find them
Senior staff and politicians in the council - find their namesUntestedVery easyDifficultUntested733
Small business support - find information
Social media accounts - find themUntestedVery easyVery easyVery easy1043
Stopping smoking services - find information
Supplying the council - find out howUntestedVery easyDifficultDifficult641
Sustainability and climate change - find information onDifficultEasyEasyEasy7102
Taxi driver - complain about one
Taxi licence - apply for one
Telephone number - find the main oneGave upVery easyDifficultVery easy8103
Trading Standards - complain about a dodgy item from a shopGave upUntestedDifficultEasy543
Travellers - find information about themGave upUntestedDifficultUntested231
Tree preservation order - apply for one
Unitary Development Plan / Local Development Plan - find it
Voting - register toDifficultDifficultDifficultDifficult455
Vulnerable adult - express concern about oneDifficultVery easyEasyEasy692
Vulnerable child - express concern about oneUntestedDifficultDifficultEasy543
Watch a webcast of a recent council or committee meeting
Welfare reform - find information about
Youth clubs in the area - find informationUntestedDifficultGave upEasy482
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Total scores2681033132152731171  
Number of tests7036626156 285 
Usability Index (total score ÷ number of tests)435454  

About the scores

Each task can be tested according to five different criteria - navigation from the home page, navigation using the A-Z directory (where present), searching on Google, searching using the site's internal search, and the readability of the page. Scores are assigned according to 10 = Very easy, 8 = Easy, 4 = Difficult, and 1 = Gave up. As more users complete any given test, the score for each aspect of each task becomes a mean average of all the individual testers scores, and thus the more tests are completed the more reliable an indication of the usability of the website can be seen. The total scores in the table are thus the sum of the averaged scores for the whole suite of tasks which have been tested.

The Usability Index is the sum of the scores of all the tests which have been carried out, divided by the number of tests which have been taken for this council, resulting in an index score between 1 and 10, with 6 being the score which a nominallly usable website with room for improvement might be expected to achieve. If any criteria have had fewer than 15 tests, or the site as a whole has had fewer than 50 individually tested items, the final Index scores are shown in a grey background to indicate insufficient testing for the result to be a reliable indicator.

The Importance column shows the mean average of how important all the testers considered the ability to complete this task to be, ranging from 0 = Unimportant to 5 = Very important.

Specific comments made about this council

Address - change mine on council systems - 2014-07-07
re the page for change of circumstances it was not clear how to contact the council or why this might be necessary outside of council tax requirements. Did not know whether to email, phone or hard copy letter and who to direct this information to. Impossible to find page by trying to navigate through site or using internal search. Google was only way I found relevant page.

Address - change mine on council systems - 2014-07-16
No single point for change of address. Search results come back with change of address for individual services (e.g. parking, council tax etc). So you'd have to fill in one form for each service.

Blue badge - apply for one - 2014-07-07
There was no A-z on the home page. Hardest thing is the testing site! Would be helpful to users to advise them to open this page in one browser and the council pages to test in another - easier to swap between the two. Also think that on this testing questionnaire testers should be asked to rate their own online competency levels. You have no way of knowing how easy or hard the tasks are in relation to the skill level of the testers.

Council meeting - read the last full council minutes - 2014-08-17
Nothing clearly mentioned on Brent council web page about council meeting, but google search showed chronological laid out Brent council webpage for all types of metings Future/past and agenda, and minutes.

Council tax - pay it - 2014-08-17
Brent council has well laid out page telling people how much council tax they will have to pay, and how to pay,very easy to follow instructions, looks like hours of works have gone into preparing the webpage to get that council tax income IN, for the FAT Brent Council MPs and their staff the "Dirty Rotten scoundrels".

Councillors - find who mine are - 2014-07-14
Finding the list of councillors is very easy through all options but only google direct you 'Write to them' which provides an easy search. Also under A-Z there is use of the title of 'councillor' and 'member'. Under councillor it only links to how to complain rather than to find.

Cycling strategy - find it - 2014-07-24
Found a 'guide to cycling' but not a specific 'strategy'. Found a list of other strategies but not cycling.

Death - register one - 2014-07-07
Content felt very process focused. Might be worth bearing in mind that people searching for this information are likely to be distressed and upset. Having a more personal tone might be something to consider?

Elections - find out when the next ones are - 2014-08-17
Only May 2014 mentioned, there is no mention of next election date, not even a probable year for next election. "V"? LOL

Employment help for people with disabilities - find information on - 2014-08-17
Thre is no A to Z tab, insted it says "cant see whach you want?" . A bit sarcy remark from Brent Council LOL But no straightforward tabs to clickon for disabile folks. Basiccaly Brent Council staff under Pakistani and Indian MPs from "untoucable" class, have abondoned their disable folks, they only cater for shrewd, crafty and thrifty lot just like themselves.

Events - find council ones - 2014-05-22
It would be useful to have a search tool specific to the page using any key words to find an event if you don't know the date

Library book - renew - 2014-07-11
Generally, the website is quite poor.

Market stall trading - find information about - 2014-05-27
No problems with this one

Noise nuisance - complain about it - 2014-07-09
There was nothing about noise from building works. Apart from parties, there was nothing to suggest that the team were going to take any action.

Noise nuisance - complain about it - 2018-05-23
would be nice to be bale to attach file with extra info extra

Parking - find out how much it costs - 2014-05-21
Final information was in a PDF rather than html - could be confusing? Less user firendly than a wen page

Parking - find out how much it costs - 2014-08-17
Brent council web page for parking fee was pretty coy bout showing Parking fee in simple format, there were some complicated fee table with confusing fee quote/stated. But there was resident parking fee quotes available on typing in post code, but this was burried under navigation tabs/clicks.

Planning committee meeting - find when the next one is - 2014-05-21
Its quite clunky and not overly aesthetic. Granted, it is functional.

Pothole - report one - 2014-07-24
Homepage has 'our top areas' instead of a simple A Z

Public toilets - find them - 2014-08-17
Nothing on Brent Council home page about public facilties, toilets, especially public showers for smelly folks and down-and-out to go and wash themselves etc.

Read the council's greenhouse gas emissions report for the previous year - 2014-08-14
Internal search: "greenhouse gas emissions" gives a search result for the report but clicking the link comes up as "file not found" Google search: '"greenhouse gas emissions" report 2013 Brent Council' gives a result from 2011-12

Senior staff and politicians in the council - find their names - 2014-03-24
No A-Z. Searched for senior staff gave too many search results, mostly about pay, not who they are, so gave up (on webpage they are described as corporate management team). Search for "councillors" was easy.

Sustainability and climate change - find information on - 2014-05-23
Used the 'Site Map' as an alternative to the 'A-Z index'

Sustainability and climate change - find information on - 2014-08-17
Brent sacks staff posts for Sustainability and climate change LOL Brent Council have lots of PDF (proably all out-dated publications) but no timely/live webpage allocated to Sustainability and climate change.

Telephone number - find the main one - 2014-05-22
It would be good to have the phone number next to the address on the bottom of the screen as well as in the Contact us section. I work in schools and often find address and phone numbers at the bottom of the pages now.

Trading Standards - complain about a dodgy item from a shop - 2014-07-09
Directed to another website

Travellers - find information about them - 2014-05-01
PDF included very out of date information

Voting - register to - 2014-07-11
If someone just wants to register to vote, there are too many clicks. The option to log on to the on line form should appear very early in the pages. Residents have to vote on line, there is no paper option any more so we should meake this easy to find

Vulnerable adult - express concern about one - 2014-07-10
Preventing and reporting abuse, is different to expressing concern and I hope I found the right page. Especially as it states: "If you or someone you know is being abused you need to let us know straight away." So you either report it as an incident or don't bother. Even so I need to telephone or send an email - there are no forms to complete. Again it seems to push you into making an incident of the matter.

Vulnerable child - express concern about one - 2014-05-27
The search term vulnerable child doesn't come up. The language used in searches is more colloquial than the text book type language used in the above example so a non professional might find it difficult to get to the department they are looking for.

Youth clubs in the area - find information - 2014-07-10
Google much easier than Brent website

Youth clubs in the area - find information - 2014-08-14
Internal Search for "youth clubs" gives 255 results, difficult to read. Google search takes you to community directory where a search for "youth clubs" and "youth club" gives no results,